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OMG..."Reshare" doesn't work in mobile touch version. What's going on with STX. There are so many bugs. @vassko @bgdomainer
  1. kampret
    kampret coz nto proffesional worker. he dont have a teamwork
    Jan 09 2012, 14:20
  2. sofiya
    sofiya well, I have just reshared your post via mobile (Android 2.3) ...
    Jan 09 2012, 20:58
  3. sofiya
    sofiya People, stop posting crap!
    Jan 09 2012, 20:58
  4. sofiya
    sofiya I have just unshared your post...
    Jan 09 2012, 20:58
  5. ledokt
    ledokt 'edit post ' button not working in IE @@@ in rebackground theme ! is this java error or what
    Jan 10 2012, 06:23
  6. xxxxxx
    xxxxxx @sofiya its not a crap, it truth you can check it. This post has not been reshared by you. So please think twice before talking.
    Jan 10 2012, 12:28
  7. sofiya
    sofiya xxxxxx, I have reshared and unshared your post via mobile (it is written in the comments above). I am not going to keep it reshared because if I do it means I endorse your post, which i dont, because it is not true. I am not sure what phone do you have, but on my Android it works. if you want to help, tell me on what OS you are trying to reshare so we can test and see if it is really working or not. For me right now it works
    Jan 10 2012, 19:12
  8. xxxxxx
    xxxxxx @sofiya you can check it from your computer too. Its doesn't work on iphone too.
    Jan 15 2012, 11:20
  9. ledokt
    ledokt @xxxxxxxx r u using rebackgroundable theme ? cause reshare option is not working for me too with rebackgr... theme
    Jan 15 2012, 11:37
  10. xxxxxx
    xxxxxx @ledokt i am suing default theme and its not working in mobile touch version only.
    Jan 18 2012, 05:36