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i would really like to see a option to share to sharetronix from facebook like we can do now from twitter. also better intergration of the media like image and video.
  1. edy123
    edy123 that would help
    Dec 01 2011, 16:57
  2. bgdomainer
    bgdomainer the post from facebook is trickier and do not know if could be suitable with opensource platform like sharetronix(but i haven't done deep research here yet). Tell me if you know some other microblogging scripts which are offering "Post from Facebook" to take a look.
    Dec 02 2011, 04:25
  3. norby500
    norby500 hi @bgdomainer i will send you a email in a couple of days with descriptions of functions and upgrades for possible suggestion
    Dec 02 2011, 07:50