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Posts in Special Groups should be highlighted in some way. When you open the homepage of a group, you should be able to see who is the admin of the group (above group members).
  1. karasardelis
    Nov 25 2011, 09:04
  2. edy123
    edy123 @yanev is probably busy working on some other goodies hehe
    Dec 01 2011, 16:56
  3. karasardelis
    karasardelis @edy123 There is nothing "special" in Special Groups at the moment... just a "special" name...
    Dec 01 2011, 22:13
  4. bgdomainer
    bgdomainer @karasardelis, thanks for idea about the highlighting the special group posts, we should think about it. For now special groups are only to show the important groups in the community and users could find them easily in the "Groups" area (where we have more than 100 groups).
    Dec 02 2011, 00:58