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Private groups should have an option to be visible to all with request for membership for new members. I have private groups at my site that noone knows them @yanev @sofiya
  1. yanev
    yanev Hello @karasardelis, we will think about this, but the idea for the private groups is to be visible only for the members of that group. And if you want you may invite someone to join to this group.
    Nov 23 2011, 09:20
  2. karasardelis
    karasardelis There should be an option when creating a new group so you can make it "Hidden" or not - if it is hidden then it is "Invite Only" and if not hidden, then it should be invite or request @yanev
    Nov 23 2011, 22:46
  3. yanev
    yanev @karasardelis, ok I understand what you want. We will think about your suggestion. Thanks for it.
    Nov 24 2011, 10:28
  4. norby500
    Dec 02 2011, 02:52