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SPAM is becoming a major problem and developers should deal with it ASAP. :(
  1. bgdomainer
    bgdomainer TRUE, we will work on this
    Sep 26 2011, 16:17
  2. vassko
    vassko How about some help from you guys, at least some one should put some specs and others can edit them so once we come up with a solution , we all agree what it should be, how it should work or not work ??!!
    Sep 26 2011, 19:06
  3. karasardelis
    karasardelis Community spam control - let the community decide who is spammer and who is not by marking comments and posts as spam. If a post or a comment gets an x number of spam marks, hide it - if an account gets an x number of spam marks, temporarily disable the account until admin reviews it. @vassko @bgdomainer. To achieve this, put a hide mark next to each post and comment. If a lot of people hide a post or comment, then it's probably spam. If a lot of people block the same account, then it's a spamming or offensive account.
    Sep 27 2011, 08:22
  4. vassko
    vassko We were just talking about this, but also we want to implement a auto spam detect based on a number of postings and maybe identical posts. So, if a user posts more than 2-3 posts per min, he is a spammer and we flag him for a review by the admin, etc.
    Sep 27 2011, 16:16
  5. karasardelis
    karasardelis @vassko i totally agree!!!
    Sep 27 2011, 17:31