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Love the new version! But I was wondering if someone can tell me how to make "Everybody" the default feed option and move it above "Activity Feed". @vassko :) Thanks!!
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  1. zoldos
    zoldos Okay thanks!
    Aug 17 2014, 09:27
  2. zoldos
    zoldos Yes I asked about it some time ago. What should I search for, like what keywords? It's been ages. :)
    Aug 17 2014, 21:01
I found a mistake on new version 3.3 with translations, there is a new script: "members_tabs_ifollow2" that doesn't exist in members.php in others langues @vassko
  1. S_Tabakov
    S_Tabakov Usually notification emails work without additional settings.
    Apr 05 2014, 06:41
  2. amir
    amir به سادگی :D
    Jul 06 2014, 06:31
Good morning from Istanbul. @vassko @S_Tabakov Can you please help me, i want to use your great software for my domain : What have i do to use it?
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  1. S_Tabakov
    S_Tabakov First check the ( I accept the Sharetronix Developer license terms.) box and then click Download now button on the right
    Mar 25 2014, 05:28
    BUYUKOZKAYA Thank you @S_Tabakov for your kind and good support. :)
    Mar 25 2014, 05:30
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  1. jdoyleweb
    jdoyleweb Hi, What am I looking for in the .htaccess file?
    Dec 12 2013, 15:51
  2. S_Tabakov
    S_Tabakov RewriteBase / in .htaccess file and the DocumentRoot in vhosts
    Dec 12 2013, 23:13