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hi. i downloaded all files free and i uploaded all of them to my server (to httpdocs ). but the installation page doesnt work!!! do u know why?
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  1. soyky
    soyky No.. İ couldn't see anything!!! When i enter my website, there was a just white page.. There was a nothing:s
    Jan 27 2012, 03:23
  2. Webmaker
    Webmaker You have to go to http://yoursite/install or if you placed in a subdir. http://yoursite/yoursub/install that should do it for you
    Mar 04 2012, 17:18
Bugün Adını gördüm heryerde.. Baya ünlü olmussun görüşmeyeli. +aaa ciddimsn?:S nerde? -En çok satanlar listesinde En Başta:D