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@vassko Hi Vassil, I've made share to sharetronix without API you can check that - It can use URL and TITLE vars, if you want we can add it to next versions
  1. vassko
    vassko we will check it out
    Feb 24 2011, 23:25
@sofiya @vassko @Niki , can you help us ... We have installed sharetronix there are problems with ajax update when clicking follow
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  1. samo11
    Jul 23 2010, 19:08
  2. samo11
    samo11 @sofiya @vassko @Niki I`ve resolved this problem ... you :) I`ve deleted all files and uploaded them again .. and problem disappears :)
    Jul 24 2010, 15:00
Hi all. I think in Groups we need some kind of permissions ... users can read but not post ... only admins or founders and access granted persons of group will be able to post :) thanks
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  1. samo11
    samo11 @sofiya The whole idea is that an individual will be able to collect personal, web, or project content from different web sources, such as youtube, filckr, twitter, etc., on his/her PP site. This will make it very convenient to access the content particularly with touchscreen devices. We don't have the html5 solution for displaying videos for iPad yet. However, we are working on it and multitouch events now. Once that is solved, PearPad can be described as a "content iPadizer". We provide our users with P shaker buttons which will allow the visitors of their web page to see the content of their PP with a single click. You can see an example by clicking the link below
    Jul 23 2010, 19:09
  2. RIsoldier
    RIsoldier like springpad?
    Dec 09 2010, 19:37