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Have been getting an error Errors:errors as $e): ?> Notice: Undefined variable: e in installItem.php on line 7 and another similar error in line 18. Pls help
I would like to see my site becoming an android app i need sharetronix key, cannot find it. help
  1. done90
    I don't think I understand what you want... but here is how to find the key: follow from step 3
    Oct 10 2014, 15:42
how can i use more than 160 character in my own sharetronix social network, which file do i need to change the default 160 chars???
  1. edy123
    system/controllers/admin_general.php edit that file @kasimdemirel
    Sep 15 2014, 16:59
Looks like everyone is sleeping. We need to get the party started up in here!
My search results doesn't show all posts, even if you are member of the open group there posted in. Does anyone know why en how I can fix it?
  1. jmonroe
    Can you post a link to your site so that we may take a look at it?
    Sep 08 2014, 06:29
How can I download a demo of sharetronix commercial version for test?
რა ფეხის ზომა გაქვთ?
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  1. sgasgasg
    Jun 07 2014, 15:05
  2. Svetoslav
    Hi @sgasgasg. Welcome to the sharetronix community. Sorry, most of us don't speak Georgian. Please, use English. Thanks!
    Jun 08 2014, 11:53