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haven't been here in a while, this place is %100000 times better since my last visit...ill be frequent again. who says this place is dead?
  1. norby500
    norby500 @vassko i can't believe how awesome this is :O i love how when you add links it retrieves the content
    Dec 03 2012, 17:10
@bgdomainer i just want to say a HUGE thank you for all the effort you and the team are doing here. since the new release i notice the speed/performance is awesome and has no kind of lag/struggle atal
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  1. bgdomainer
    bgdomainer 2.2.0 have been released
    Feb 27 2012, 17:08
  2. norby500
    norby500 awesome, thank you :) the performance seems very good now :) look forward to the new themes
    Feb 28 2012, 21:28