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Please, tell me which files I need to edit in order to make all external links nofollow?
  1. @vassko Can you help with an advise? I have updated my site from 2.2.1 to 3.0 (latest version), but now all external links do not have "rel=nofollow". Can you tell what files I need to edit? Thank you.
    Nov 21 2014, 03:07
Hello. Is it possible to 2.2.1 to last updated version? If yes, can I learn more about it?
  1. I have updated sharetronix 2.2.1 to 3.0 version.
    Nov 20 2014, 21:16
How do you do. Can anybody help with add-ons for sharetronix 2.2.1? I need a add-onn that enables sharing to sharetronix site.
  1. My microblog works on sharetronix 2.2.1 and I want to give the users the opportunity to install a share button of my microsite in order they could install it on theirs web sites. For example, if the user copies the code and installs it on his web site, the readers of his site can share the post into my micro site sharetronix 2.2.1. it is like in facebook, twitter, linkedin, vkontakte, odnoklassniki and etc. Thanks.
    Sep 11 2013, 05:30
Hello @vassko! What about add-ons for sharetronix 2.2.1? I just need a plugin like the functionality of twitter
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  1. Ok, now I know that you are talking about. Let me talk to @bgdomainer about it
    Mar 08 2013, 08:33
  2. Thank you very much for support and understanding us. I will be looking forward to hearing from you. Thanks
    Mar 08 2013, 09:57
Hello. How can we change sharing buttons in messages? For example, Linkedin, delicious, Digg. Where is the code located? Thank you.
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  1. Hi @murodjon check out root=>system=>classes=>class_post.php the rows between 782 and 789
    Nov 28 2012, 12:07
  2. ok, thank you.
    Nov 28 2012, 12:44
What does sharetronix api mean? How can it be used? Can you give any examples? Today one of users sent me a private message, but i couln't answer for his question. Can you help? Thank you!
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  1. Facebook Connect works with Facebook API, Twitter Connect works with twitter api ... You can integrate games, web apps, desktop apps with API. I don't know what language is spoken in Tajikistan, but check this out: To use APIs you need programming skills! Sharetronix API-s in 2.2.1 are not working correct wait until the next stx release :)
    Nov 20 2012, 11:43
  2. Thank you very much, done90
    Nov 20 2012, 12:33
Password recovery mail does not work at sharetronix 2.2.1 and if mail confirmation is enabled, the users do nor recieve an email. Only notifications work. Can anybody help with this? Thanks.
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  1. Hi @murodjon I'm not sure it will help if we disable notification! @bgdomainer can be useful ....
    Nov 12 2012, 13:12
  2. Thank you for your response, Danny.
    Nov 12 2012, 19:55
I found out that one of features of sharetronix 2.2.1 version is Like/unlike. Can anybody tell how switch on this feature. I cound not find this feature Like/unlike in my microblog. Thanks.
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  1. this is a strange error, I don't think we have seen anything like that. And unfortunately I am not sure when someone will be available to help you :(
    Sep 27 2012, 07:45
  2. @sofiya Who can help me with this error or will you please to visit my microblog at and see any attached picture and click on link in the picture in modal window. Every attached picture has its size - link which allows to download it. When you click to download, it displays an error 404. For example, this is a link for an attached picture and here is its download link Please, click on it and you will see the error. Thanks
    Sep 28 2012, 16:03
Does anyone know why wen you create a private group, it is not displayed in group list when others watch the list of groups.
  1. that's why the group is called Private
    Sep 19 2012, 07:43
  2. how people can find this private group if it is invisible?
    Sep 19 2012, 08:03
There is a system error displayed when you want to download attached picture. Picture opens in popup window and displays correctly, but when you click on link below of popup window - a link of size of
  1. Can anybody help with this error 404 Not Found I tested all attached pictures and when you want to click to download any of them, system gives an error 404. Please, help
    Sep 21 2012, 03:52