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Hello, is there a way to code an outgoing link document to where when someone clicks on a link that goes to a different site it checks my system to see if the site is safe and if it does go to it?
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  1. S_Tabakov
    S_Tabakov Some people set the Everybody tab as default. Check the posts of this user
    Mar 25 2014, 15:19
  2. S_Tabakov
    S_Tabakov If you need custome development for your Sharetronix installation you can use our support services
    Mar 25 2014, 15:27
  1. ossipov
    ossipov There could be a 'black' background in the theme you are using that you cannot see. this is often used in layers in photoshop to modify images. Also, if you are exporting it as a .png rather than a gif that maybe an issue too.
    Jan 18 2014, 04:30
  2. sandyclarke
    sandyclarke to help others the way round this issue is to upload and overwrite logo.png using an FTP client or Cpanel File Manager
    11 hours ago
  1. Maziyar
    Maziyar allowing html with poor security, will lead to XSS attacks which has the possibility to steal users accounts :)
    Oct 14 2013, 13:10
  2. Bullar
    Bullar yes, I know this. and where I can allow this? :)
    Oct 14 2013, 15:48