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Somebody to help me for download this software? I cant find 3.0 or 3.1 version..
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  1. S_Tabakov
    S_Tabakov Some people set the Everybody tab as default. Check the posts of this user
    Mar 25 2014, 15:19
  2. S_Tabakov
    S_Tabakov If you need custome development for your Sharetronix installation you can use our support services
    Mar 25 2014, 15:27
Anyone having much luck with changing the logo? I can change it...however my image always shows up with a black background even though I am exporting it as a transparency and it looks correct.
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  1. sandyclarke
    sandyclarke to help others the way round this issue is to upload and overwrite logo.png using an FTP client or Cpanel File Manager
    Apr 23 2014, 15:48
  2. lol4free
    lol4free I wonder a bit that ST does not have a extra admin setting for logo changing. Maybe I`ll work on a layout and style editor addon for the admin backend.
    May 25 2014, 03:25
  1. Maziyar
    Maziyar allowing html with poor security, will lead to XSS attacks which has the possibility to steal users accounts :)
    Oct 14 2013, 13:10
  2. Bullar
    Bullar yes, I know this. and where I can allow this? :)
    Oct 14 2013, 15:48