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Is there a free way to upgrade sharetronix to 2.0 version without loss of any data and add-on? If you say I need to edit the code, I can do this. I was wondering if there is a automated way to do this
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  1. kazango
    kazango @demomate which would take literally days :/ lol ive changed so much on my site, i like to keep most of my changes in <!--tags--> so i know where things start and end that ive changed, but the existing code that ive modified, its not possible to add tags like that lol :(
    Jun 13 2011, 21:09
  2. demomate
    demomate yea, I know.. maybe, it's better to add only some new features released in new version only, instead of a complete upgrade..
    Jun 13 2011, 21:11
Is there a way to upgrade sharetronix to 2.0 version without loss of any data and add-on?
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  1. ewiskan
    ewiskan yes sure,,we not enough just have money without turst in relationship bro..
    Jun 13 2011, 13:22
  2. edy123
    edy123 if you haven't made any changes to your stx site, you can override your files.If you have well @abhishek is the right man for your dirty job.
    Jun 13 2011, 16:35
What is the "Notify my colleagues when I..." part of the notification settings for? Even if I check them all, the notifications don't appear on my dashboard. So, what are they for?
  1. kazango
    kazango check them if you want your followers to see what youre doing in their dashboard.
    May 10 2011, 20:00
@khurana in the code section of each category, you will see 7*24*3600 part. Here 7 indicates the number of days, you can change it to 1, or simply remove 7 multiplier.
  1. incibook
    incibook what if i wanna show only commented posts realtime
    Oct 06 2011, 14:55
Hey, how can I limit the number of characters in comments? If I need to change the code, is just ./system/classes/class_newpostcomment.php enough? Or, should I also modify ajax_post-comment.php?
  1. demomate
    demomate any idea at all?
    Mar 29 2011, 01:27
  2. demomate
    demomate solved with some additional lines to the code, if you are interested in tell me.
    Apr 13 2011, 13:59
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  1. demomate
    demomate When I set the encoding to en_GB-utf8, everything is just perfect. but, when I set it to tr_TR-utf8, it throws this exception. I don't think it is a php-version problem.
    Mar 25 2011, 08:41
  2. aslzadeh
    aslzadeh check my post. i had same problem and solved. yaşa
    Mar 29 2011, 00:48