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A whole modified look and feel. not just replacing headers & footers, colors or fonts. Lot of modifications based on user experience of cloud tags and region detector. Joke as anonymous as well..
  1. Masochist2
    Masochist2 @sofiya hey, sorry just figured out that blogtronix link is not working.. now fixed
    Nov 09 2011, 16:55
  2. sofiya
    sofiya great, thanks Nida!
    Nov 09 2011, 20:08
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  1. norby500
    norby500 well usually when i use a theme or plugin from developers, when it is free it is never updated as well as when it is paid for. so i'd sooner the guy make some extra cash and we have a stable theme that is updated every step of the way @vetty @dejavu
    Oct 12 2011, 17:54
  2. Delphy
    Delphy Congrat @dejavu :)
    Oct 13 2011, 11:50
yay, I have reviewed all the entries, now my colleagues will give their votes and we will announce the winner soon. just so you know - I am very impressed by some of the communities, great job, guys!
  1. purwanto_pe
    purwanto_pe test comment
    Oct 02 2011, 07:15
  2. kohkono
    kohkono hai admin, can you help me? please...i need your help...
    Oct 09 2011, 05:07
  1. Masochist2
    Masochist2 Also, people can subscribe to receive a daily post.. which is a joke in my website :)
    Sep 13 2011, 19:40
  2. elfaz
    elfaz nice design, boss. :D
    Sep 28 2011, 11:05