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How can I do this in shtx? See attached picture @bgdomainer @vassko . There is something like this in shtx but in search box. How can do it in Post from also? @alien
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  1. karasardelis
    karasardelis +1 everyone wants this!!!!
    Jan 21 2011, 19:46
  2. vetty
    vetty +2 someone wants this (including me) !!!!
    Jan 21 2011, 23:10
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  1. Kiosaki
    Kiosaki Not evrybody have paypol accounts - not in all countries this system... So even if you want to buy- you can't...
    Jan 04 2011, 12:52
  2. ajay
    ajay @Kiosaki you got a point ... @vassko Eugene is right.. there must be more payment options like 2checkout and google checkout so users who can not pay by paypal they can use other options for payment..
    Jan 04 2011, 14:22
  1. alien
    alien I came to the conclusion that does not work Memcached. More precisely, the engine did not use caching. It got to the point that I discovered that memcached-> set (***) always returns false (and the error code was 5 - write error). Long thought, tried different things, and then changed in my config $ C-> CACHE_MEMCACHE_HOST = 'localhost'; on $ C-> CACHE_MEMCACHE_HOST = '127 .0.0.1 '; That's it! Record immediately went. Perhaps this problem was purely on my machine, but check and at home, and you can set () not working as it should. Tip - use the ip address for specifying a host memcached.
    Oct 22 2010, 23:22
  2. alien
    alien **thx for
    Oct 22 2010, 23:25