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Has anyone had success installing any of the free themes and seeing them work? My preview images do not even display in the administration--->themes section.
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  1. S_Tabakov
    S_Tabakov Is your community in the root folder?
    Jun 02 2014, 17:43
  2. jmonroe
    jmonroe its in the root...and I've already cleared the cache as well. I will look around at it in a bit. Have to do some other things that takes precedent. Thanks.
    Jun 02 2014, 17:48
guys why i upload cometchat in my root folder but it tell me something like this: please check that cometchat is in root folder. It must be uploaded in /cometchat i've upload in
  1. manuelbosi
    manuelbosi please help me D:
    Mar 26 2014, 14:56