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@MarcosBL are you one of the sharetronix staff? i need some help, check your pm please
  1. Maziyar
    Maziyar no he isn't :)
    Apr 22 2012, 13:37
  2. soniya4you
    soniya4you Hello dear, My name is soniya,am a decent girl with love and honest,please i will like you to contact me through my email address(soniyalove01@yahoo.com)so that i can tell you more about me with pictures of me, thanks yours love, soniya, (soniyalove01@yahoo.com)
    Sep 20 2012, 20:55
proud to be the part of this big community, sorry i rarely active in this community because i'm working on my thesis. keep spirit :D
@abhishek do you know where is the code that automatically change the embedded link from blabla.com to add http:// ?? @vassko
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  1. abhishek
    abhishek at conf_embeded at system folder ..
    May 03 2011, 15:24
  2. abadhy
    abadhy conf_embed for video embed, i mean for link. sorry i mean link attachment at post, my false. :) do you know where is the source?
    May 03 2011, 15:31
@Urosh : i have compared twitterish theme with ST default theme, and i notice some codes is missing in twitterish theme.. also the css. :)
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  1. abadhy
    abadhy @Urosh : yes i'm trying, i remove about 30-35% image file from the themes so the website is more lightweight than before, and subtitute it by playing around with css :P facebookish themes is the best starting point to make a new theme :D
    Apr 20 2011, 09:01
  2. asshu
    asshu Do you have link to download Facebookish theme?
    Apr 22 2011, 15:25
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  1. abadhy
    abadhy yes, i'm scratching my head... hope i know what's the unstable thing.. i'll test it again in my localhost. :)
    Dec 23 2010, 14:42
  2. vassko
    vassko Test on your own. Some people have lots of customizations and this affects their sites, not our release.
    Dec 23 2010, 18:20
suddenly all databases of post gone in my database.. urgent help @sofiya @vassko what happen to my website? post table change into O:8:"stdClass":6:{s:4:"type";s:5:"notif";s:10:"to.... bla bla..
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  1. abadhy
    abadhy @bgdomainer : thanks man :D . btw is there any way about how to make the cache rebuild faster?? :)
    Nov 04 2010, 08:35
  2. abadhy
    abadhy or the other way.. my website's cache rebuild at about 5PM. is there any way to make it rebuild at any other time? such as at 11pm (midnight) ? using cron?
    Nov 04 2010, 08:38