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Sorry all had to update the html buttons.php code.. I put the wrong code in for the follow me buttons. It was linked to the invite code instead of the members profile. Read next comment
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  1. Asbirciata
    Asbirciata I had noticed the mistake with the old theme file banners.php, after all you've done a good job I took your plugin on my site, thank you.
    Nov 26 2010, 03:24
  2. odevanty
    odevanty thanks..
    Nov 26 2010, 11:11
Here is the new Banner and Follow buttons. Read below to see what this is. Made off @Daveg Follow buttons
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  1. TandyServices
    TandyServices Ok I will work on it.. Give me a few days been really busy..
    Nov 25 2010, 15:20