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Please share how you're using your Sharetronix community
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  1. Maziyar
    Maziyar i learned php through sharetronix. :)
    Jun 17 2014, 17:51
  2. edy123
    edy123 enough said @Maziyar
    Jun 17 2014, 18:08
In anticipation of the re-launch of our website and marketplace, we would like to know what plug-ins you want developed? The person whose suggestion has the most likes will get it for free.
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  1. Sharetronix
    Sharetronix What would be a more important or meaningful addition to you, a Facebook style photo album or chat functionality?
    Jun 17 2014, 14:23
  2. edy123
    edy123 photo style would be more beneficial .. chat can easily get on that later on..
    Jun 17 2014, 16:52
We are looking to showcase some open source communities in preparation for the launch of our new website and marketplace. Please share the URL of your site here and Tweet @Sharetronix
  1. bgdomainer
    bgdomainer go to apps section in your admin panel at your site and the "Buy" button will be replaced with "Install" button for the "Post like" app
    Dec 13 2012, 10:43
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  1. done90
    done90 @taylort version ?
    Nov 15 2012, 02:19
  2. taylort
    Nov 15 2012, 21:23