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  1. bgdn
    bgdn Then put link as http://community.sharetronix.com/bgdn and that's all folks!
    1 hour and 57 min ago
  2. israelborges
    israelborges @bgdn How I can enable public Download attachments files for my frients, without login in my profile?
    1 hour and 8 min ago
I got problem when i use mysqlheap once it reached 510 .. part of my site went blank. I reach out to my hosting provider they ask me to get back to the script developer for help.@S_Tabakov .
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  1. dannyivanov
    Sep 17 2014, 13:14
  2. edy123
    edy123 okay @dannyivanov i was in this conversation. My big concern now how do i get the cronjob to work without any interruption by ht.aces
    Sep 17 2014, 15:46
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  1. jmonroe
    jmonroe Does look nice. In a perfect world releases would be without bugs, but in a close to perfect situation we have good people reporting bugs to help make ST a perfect solution for all. Nice work everyone!
    Sep 03 2014, 05:38
  2. KevinSotoV
    Sep 03 2014, 16:18