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We have just released Sharetronix version 3.6.0. What is new: * Post to user profile * Post to a group from the dashboard * Like plugin integration * Edit post plugin integration * Bug fixes
  1. S_Tabakov
    S_Tabakov UPGRADE: To upgrade Sharetronix Opensource from a previous version, just follow the Installation steps. Replace the old installation files with the contents of the "upload/" folder and run the installation wizard. But first - don't forget to backup your old installation (database and files) - it's important!
    Sep 02 2014, 17:16
  2. jmonroe
    jmonroe Here goes nothing! Hopefully 3.6.0 will fix some weird issues I am having that you and I have spoke about.
    Sep 02 2014, 17:20
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  1. serkanbalta
    serkanbalta first of all, you should use SSL certification on your website if you dont want to hack attempts. Then check your hosting provider's firewall software and version. Create a database secure encryption. Check your admin folder's permissions. hope you take it back.
    Aug 18 2014, 12:15
  2. bgdn
    bgdn @serkanbalta and you think that only with applying SSL certificate site will become invulnerable?
    Aug 21 2014, 00:50
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  1. S_Tabakov
    S_Tabakov OK there is a misunderstanding, I agree in the old version the admins were able to delete users looking at their profile pages however they had to be logged in.
    Aug 15 2014, 09:57
  2. edy123
    edy123 Yes of course they have to log in .lol..
    Aug 15 2014, 13:13
  1. S_Tabakov
    S_Tabakov If there is an incorrect translation you can use the translation center to edit your language http://developer.sharetronix.com/home/index/login_error/true If you want to custom edit the buttons texts for your community only, you can edit the language variables in systemlanguages for your language.
    Aug 07 2014, 09:51
  2. ulusoy
    ulusoy @S_Tabakov I translated all words but Follow, Unfollow, Join buttons not in language files. Thanks
    Aug 07 2014, 10:01