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  1. S_Tabakov
    S_Tabakov Thank you, we are investigating this issue.
    Nov 14 2014, 02:24
  2. S_Tabakov
    S_Tabakov It is fixed now, thank you for reporting it.
    Nov 14 2014, 03:28
  1. S_Tabakov
    S_Tabakov Some new plugins only, I hope soon.
    Nov 08 2014, 10:16
  2. edy123
    edy123 great news.. What kind of plugins?
    Nov 09 2014, 07:13
@S_Tabakov много ключари тези дни изникнаха... ще ги поодрежете ли малко? Не ме разбирай погрешно, нямам нищо против тях, но те са тип "удари-и-бягай" от което общността няма нужда.
  1. S_Tabakov
    S_Tabakov принципно съм съгласен, че е добре да се поорежат
    Nov 07 2014, 09:50
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  1. done90
    done90 I don't understand you?!?! If you don't know how to do it, try to use Google ReCaptcha, here is how to use it: http://developer.sharetronix.com/documentatio..._reCaptcha
    Nov 03 2014, 08:13
  2. uddownloads
    uddownloads So Why Do not Want to Know the ReCaptcha Script Works, So that, my not appear, put cmd 0777 and is still 777 more geito Him!
    Nov 03 2014, 08:18
  1. done90
    done90 Hola @Jorby I already answered your question in "Support" group: http://community.sharetronix.com/view/post:6220157 You don't have to ask multiple times :) I know It's Important, but be patient :)
    Oct 28 2014, 04:24