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Check out the founder of Chamber! Answers trip on @EveryTrail: Clayden's Hidden Zipline Trail: - Randy Mac hikes every day! Posting this with Randy's account.
ChamberAnswers.com - Yahoo! Answers for chambers of commerce, member businesses, organizations, and consumers will be available soon. Sharetronix is used.
  1. Phil
    Phil Hi Randy, this is all good news, keep me in the loop.
    Apr 05 2010, 14:52
  1. Phil
    Phil Thanks Randy. I'm working on that video as well. Looking forward to spreading the word
    Jan 28 2010, 16:59
  2. RandyMac
    RandyMac Look forward to it. I'm busy on the newsletter and article Part 1 for sending out on Monday or Tuesday morning next week. Coupon Codes Just trying to figure out how to create a coupon code generator so chamber members can create coupon codes for their special offers and then export them to their desktops, and then attach them as files to a Sharetronix Post. Any suggestions would be appreciated? RandyMac
    Jan 28 2010, 19:20