Lugo, Spain
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@jbbagilet i'm not part of the Sharetronix development team, just a casual user. You can contact @sofiya @bgdomainer or @vassko for example with your problem
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  1. aminmoghaddam
    aminmoghaddam hi what is your chat site name ? its commt chat ?
    Jul 31 2013, 20:15
  2. aminmoghaddam
    Aug 01 2013, 01:12
Demo seems broken for me... automatically loads mobile version, tried deleting cache, cookies, loading logout manually... almost everything.. no luck, it's just me ?
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  1. bgdomainer
    bgdomainer ok, thanks for your feedback, this should be from the automatic mobile browsers detect included in the new version. There is a check for opera mini(mobi) and it seems that this check catch the normal opera browser, thanks again ;).
    May 19 2011, 20:57
  2. MarcosBL
    MarcosBL Sure, it works fine now, thanks @bgdomainer ;)
    May 20 2011, 14:30
One lil notice found in latest :) Notice: Undefined property: stdClass::$is_profile_protected in /www/system/controllers/search.php on line 530
  1. bgdomainer
    bgdomainer ok, thanks, will check this :)
    Feb 14 2011, 16:12
  2. johaneskc
    Jul 09 2013, 11:17
Upgraded Sharetronix, everything worked as expected (1.5.2>1.5.4 with no 1.5.3 in middle!). A lot of translation misses in Spanish, i'll translate as soon as avaliable in the web interface @bgdomainer
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  1. abhishek
    abhishek @MarcosBL truly agree with plug-in/theme structure .. it's really needed badly and before the functionless enhancement ... @vassko...
    Feb 08 2011, 17:07
  2. linkvzla
    linkvzla Yo hice una traduccion del 90% de la version movil, si quieres se las paso.
    Feb 27 2011, 22:01
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  1. Horizontica
    Horizontica :P Just commenting
    Oct 28 2010, 03:12
  2. bgdomainer
    bgdomainer hey @MarcosBL, i will check your feeds issue these days and tell you if i find the problem. As for the tweets, if you want to use the old post's design with user: message and link attached, replace your 1.5.2 cronjobs/php_5min/1-parse_feeds.php with this one from the 1.5.1 package.
    Oct 28 2010, 17:48
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  1. Menzer
    Menzer Yep, I think it is hard to follow the site, I think they should have a seperate support (Forums) and not use sharetronix as it does not fit the purpose very well. We as users can then contribute....
    Oct 22 2010, 12:38
  2. Irenelove
    Irenelove Hi nice to meet you, please email me directly to my email address at so I can send you my details and my phone number and find out more about you; thank you, Irene;
    Jan 14 2013, 12:15