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Does anyone know? What kind of traffic this script can handle? Cache? What would it take to handle 100,000 visitors at the same time on hardware requirements? I could not find an answer on this...
  1. Guru
    Guru so after using the prof. version, still one really cant create a big community! I wonder which script would do that? I think one that has 'no cache'
    Apr 25 2012, 13:04
I am working on making a plugin for this and sharing it with all to cover: 1) ip automatic identifier and blocker for bad robots and bad queries for added security.
  1. Maziyar
    Maziyar there are few nice htaccess lines for banning robots, nice & easy ;)
    Apr 25 2012, 14:29
@vetty Yes the mouseover looks OK. Which version are you using so that I can cross-check this for you, if it looks OK
I just reported a Bug... Suggestions are Welcome on the 403 Error being received... Let's work together to make this micro blogging platform better for all - free of bugs and help in providing inputs
  1. vassko
    vassko thanks for the heads up
    Sep 22 2010, 18:02
Could this be a problem of Oauth Authorization from Twitter not allowing it to share the post OR Could it be tweaking the it to the right CHMOD permission issue on the /tmp directory of the linux host